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Join us for an evening event

Evening activities are usually 3 hours in length. Read each description below to know more about how each one can benefit you.

Release the emotions and beliefs that are preventing you from a fully alive life

Duration: 3 hours

This 3-hour presentation introduces you to the Cellular Memory Release process of releasing the stuck emotions in the body and the belief system that is supporting the recycling and replenishment of these negative emotions. Most of our beliefs are held within our unconscious mind and they are the key cause of our challenges, hurtful patterns that seem to repeat, and prevent us from connecting with each other in an authentic way. There is a way to access and break through these beliefs, releasing them and the negative emotions they encapsulate. Included in this presentation is an informative slideshow with real-life client cases, and a live demonstration session with a volunteer.

Course in Cellular Memory Release

Each week, we cover a specific theme related to Cellular Memory and its influences on our life. We will review videos and case studies together as well as apply the concepts in a practical way. This course is for those who wish to develop a little deeper understanding about the Cellular Memory and go through some practical exercises in a group setting.

A New Earth Gatherings

During the meetings, in addition to exploring the book, we will listen briefly to Eckhart's teachings, then spend some time in silence to allow his words to penetrate deeper than the mind's understanding of them. We will also engage in some simple exercises and group sharing to deepen presence and strengthen our sense of community. The group is every week for 10 weeks.

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