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In this course, you'll learn to apply to yourself an emotional healing process to help you resolve and leave behind old physical and emotional imbalances. Through this process, you will have access to valuable tools to get in touch with your unlimited potential as a human being.

The CMR Process is easy to learn and apply and very practical as well. As you apply it on yourself, you will feel lighter and will experience more health and vitality. You'll also notice a change in your relationships, especially with those that are closer to you.

Some of the Main things you will Learn:

How to re-connect with your cellular memory and get the messages from your body.

How to release toxic old emotions stored in the cell memory, using the PBR-Pain Body Release process.

How to uncover and de-activate the personal lies in the belief system that creates the toxic emotional blockages in us.

How to re-connect with our internal navigational system.

How to do emotional healing on yourself and transform inner fragmentation into inner peace and wellbeing.

How to find clarity and support in yourself while releasing the old emotional blockages behind the behavioural patterns.

How to effectively maintain the changes made as you go, in time.

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