These are the facilitators on Cellular Memory Release who have been trained by CMR International. If a facilitator does not exist in your local area, you can book a private phone session with a facilitator of your choice. Please contact one of us to learn more about how Cellular Memory Release can transform your life!

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luis diaz
Location: Nevada City, CA   USA
Phone: 530-265-4766   Email:

bryce matthews
Location: Nevada City, CA   USA
Phone: 530-265-4766   Email:

Susan O'Brien
Location: Portland, OR   USA
Phone: 503-686-1356   Email:

Rudy Udarbe
Location: Nevada City, CA   USA
Phone: 530-265-3539   Email:

Pamela Astarte
Location: San Francisco, CA   USA
Phone: (707) 338-8203   Email:

savannah hanson
Location: Penn Valley, CA   USA
Phone: (530) 575-5052   Email:

Geane Armstrong
Location: Atlanta, GA   USA
Phone: (770) 420-1956   Email:

June Argo
Location: San Clemente, CA   USA
Phone: (949) 369 -1130   Email:

Ellen Springwind
Location: Sacramento, CA   USA
Phone: 916.944-3822   Email:

Cecile Woods
Location: Roseville, CA   USA
Phone: (916) 759-6919   Email:

Gary Jacobsson
Location: Manzanita, OR   USA
Phone: 503-368-8040   Email:

Jennifer Norstrom
Location: San Rafael, CA   USA
Phone: (415) 306-3113   Email:

Herenia Higgins
Location: Bogota,    Colombia
Phone: (201) 484-7786   Email: