Susan O'Brien

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Location: Portland, OR
Contact info: 503-686-1356     Email:

Biography / Certifications

From my early experience with sexual abuse, I was motivated towards supporting women, men and children in their ability to move through shame-based unconsciousness, and to awaken the conscious awareness of one's true being.
I have experienced profound healing through Breath Work, Cellular Memory Release, and Pain-Body Release. I am devoted to my work in Intimacy workshops, where I hold a space for each of us to become the beautiful, authentic, healthy beings that we are on all levels. I do this for the empowerment of self love, respect, dignity and compassion for one and all.

- Cellular Memory Release
- Touch for Health Kinesiology
- Pain-Body Release
- Ancient Tibetan Healing
- Shamanic Astrology
- Energy Breathing

"Susan brings to her practice unconditional compassion and commitment to others, empowering them in their growth. She has an ongoing passion for life. Her work in Archetypal healing has been augmented through study of complementary techniques, including archetypal mask-making, body movement and ritual. Susan continues her life long study by regularly receiving guidance and training in healing practices."


Susan has an incredible capacity for compassion and for truly allowing someone to be her self. She manifests and holds a space in which exploration is possible,a space that is safe and at the same time encourages risk taking. Her art is in offering women the chance to question and learn about themselves through various activtes, rituals and discussion: The whole of the experience ends up being greater than any one part. I left enspired and joyful in ways I couldn't have foreseen.

K. Grass Valley CA. 4-27-03

The caring and sacred manor in which Susan conducted the sweat was, for me particularly moving. Susan's sensitivity and her own openness allows others to feel safe and open. The sweet surprises during the weekend awakend my inner child in a delightful way. I came away from Susan's workshop feeling sensually alive and refreshed. What a wonderful treat for myself.

M.S.D Nevada City,CA. 4-27-03

She provides a safe haven of home so you can reach deep within. A pure cleansing soul experience in a safe healing environment...the heart. Her work expands love. Her work inspires you to connect to the soul's creative birthings.

She holds integrity, reverence and respect in her work. She is a nurturer of the heart.

It is a long time since I have asked heaven for anything, but still my arms will not come down. Thank You

M.E. Sacremento CA. 4-27-03

"Susan was able to hold the space during the weekend in such a lovingly authentic and safe way. This made me feel free to be vulnerable and express what I had to say- however and whenever I needed to. Thank you Susan for showing me that just because it was unsafe for me to express myself as a young girl-it is possible to be vulnerable and to speak authentically." I so appreciate your work.

S.H. North San Juan CA. 10-18-04

"I'm not sure what I was thinking, but when I called Susan for an appointment I didn't fully realize that breath releasing involed a lot of structured breathing. I had been resistant to such breath work for years. But with Susan "holding the space" for me, what I discovered, uncovered, and...experienced...was simply fascinating. Susan is awesome to work with

Anne Wallace 11-05

"When you are ready the teacher appears. In my case it was the teacher and the method. Susan OBrien's gentle and powerful coaching with Cellular Memory Technique took me rapidly to another level in my path to wholeness.
I enthusiastically recommend it no matter where you are on your journey."

Lynda Ellis 11-05

I consider Susan a very wise women and a gifted healer. I have had two sessions with Susan and they were both powerful and profound. The first was Susan doing breath work with a group. She was able to work with the entire group and to sense and know just the right moment I needed assistance to take me deeper into what was going on - to fully experience it. It was about being sexually molested as a young child and going into the contractions and the pain. Afterwards there was such love and peace and joy and maybe for the first time of REALLY being in my BODY. I think the sexual molestation's had been so scary I had coped by living out of my body all these years! It felt like such a joy to go "HOME" to me!

The second session with Susan was done one on one. It had to do with a major life change I was wrestling with and through the breath work she does and the cellular memory release I was able to go to a deep place in my body that held and knew the truth and get clarity on my decision.
It is really a blessing and honor to know Susan and to have received these healing session from her.

Kathleen McIntire 2-2-06

"Susan's ability to be present and fearless in each moment makes her especially good at working with groups. She will gracefully switch gears when necessary and respond to what's actually emerging, regardless of former plans. This takes true mastery of skillful means."
"She also created a safe space for all of us to go deep, regardless of our fears and past experiences. This is something I do not take for granted in a group envirnment and appreciate greatly."

Feeny Lipscomb 4-30-06