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Location: San Francisco, CA
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Pamela Astarte M.Ed., is currently in an MFT program at HNU. She is a Certified Cellular Memory Release Practitioner. She is also a Ritual Ceremonialist, a Sexual Healer, a Singer, an Artist, a Teacher and a Workshop Leader. She has studied Native American Healing and the Medicine Wheel and has completed the Human Awareness Institute’s training in sexuality and intimacy. She has been a member of the Diamond Heart Ridhwan Spirituality School in Berkeley CA. since 2000. She is an exceptional healer and has taught workshops in Women’s Mysteries in the USA, China and France.

PAMELA ASTARTE is a gifted healer with a rare insight into the human condition. She is also a devoted teacher, a writer and an artist. Her honesty and forthrightness is quite disarming. After having traveled all over the world and living in Europe for over 15 years, she has decided to make healing her heart’s work. She has learned from shamans and teachers of many different traditions and combines all of these many modalities to help those who come to her for help healing emotional, physical, spiritual or sexual issues. She has focused on bringing to women and men of all ages a deepening sense of their own passionate and orgasmic birthright
(their Joy Body) through the teachings of sacred sexuality and CMR. She started healing women’s circles in the early 80’s at Stanford University with women from many different cultures and taught Women’s Mysteries at Sonoma State University as well as with Celebrations of Love, Women’s Temple and the Red Tent Circle in Sonoma county CA. She teaches workshops throughout Northern California and while in China, she held women’s circles to discuss sexuality, even though it was forbidden. Now, using the techniques she has learned in Cellular Memory Release, she is working with individuals and couples that may be facing physical, emotional spiritual, mental, or sexual challenges or want deeper insight into their own process and greater intimacy in their lives.


Pamela has changed my life, given me hope, and is an amazing healer! She came into my life at the exact time that I needed her on my spiritual journey. There are no coincidences. Every session I come away with something new and powerful that I have discovered about myself. She is helping me blossom into whom I truly am. My true essence. What a joy it is to discover this for myself. She is honest, open, caring, non-judgmental, and trustworthy. I am very fortunate to have met her and have her in my life! What a blessing she is to me!
Donna Davis

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