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Location: Penn Valley, CA
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Biography / Certifications

Savannah Hanson is a Certified Cellular Memory Release (CMR) Practitioner. She is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is certified by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists in Family therapy. She has a Master’s in Spiritual and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness Health and Healing from The University of Santa Monica. Her Bachelor’s degree is from Northwestern University. She teaches a class called "Self Love is not for Wimps!," a Power of Now class and an Introduction to Cellular Memory Release. Her newest class is called "Knowing Ourselves and Each Other as the Beloved; the journey home to love." She has also led communication workshops in southern California and a workshop called "Journey into the Tapestry of Divine Mystery" in northern California. She has brought Cellular Memory Release to Austria through a workshop and sessions. She is affiliated with a Science of Mind Center.

Savannah Hanson is passionate about midwifing others in rediscovering their authentic self and finding the Beloved within. Her own healing from life long anxiety deeply informs her work and fuels her compassion and empathy for those in pain. Her experiences traveling around the world and living in Europe, Asia, and Latin America for over seven years has helped her become more open and flexible with a deep respect and appreciation for many unique ways of living and being. As a psychotherapist she had worked with a variety of issues and despite all her positive experiences, she became uncomfortable with the often slow process of healing and the sense of focusing on the client’s "problem story." She became aware that this can lead people into an identification of themselves as somehow defective, as somehow a problem that needs to be solved. For her, discovering Cellular Memory Release has been an extraordinary gift, in both her own healing and in facilitating transformation in others. She is very excited by the efficiency and effectiveness of this process, finding that people are able to shift life long patterns in a short period of time.
She finds ths work to be very self empowering for clients, as the transformation is accessed through their own vast wisdom and intelligence, reached through the portal of their own body, their own presence. She is also interested in assisting parents in learning to teach their children to accept and allow their own "pain-body", thus minimizing the creation of deeply embodied patterns or resonance which often persist into adulthood and can severely limit authenticity and aliveness. Her intention is to assist her clients in reawakening their joy and knowing themselves and all whom they meet as Love.


I have begun to listen to and regard my body in a new way. It has caused a profound shift in the way I regard my life; the way I live each day. This has the effect of freeing me from the past heaviness and future angst... I do have a greater clarity and appreciation of living in every moment consciously, trusting and open, with joy. - Pat Kastrop

From the first moment of our connection, which lasts now almost 20 years, Savannah has opened me, giving me an insight into another, better way to understand life and to understand our being. She continues to deepen my awareness. I feel she is connected with a source I can not even imagine. I know for sure she is willing to help others open those last doors to the source of life. - Uschi Ivancic, Austria

I feel lighter, more complete and more present. - H.C.

Savannah’s powerful presence made it possible for me to have a profound experience. Her professional background gave me the confidence to surrender to my feelings, knowing I was in a safe place. - Susan Manfre