Geane Armstrong

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Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact info: (770) 420-1956     Email:

Biography / Certifications

I am grateful for CMR and the opportunity for our joint participation in this activity of uncovering the negative emotional charges which have hindered the fulfillment of divine potential.

Achieving health is a multidimensional process and is a collaborative process of sharing spiritual truth. Our power to heal is magnified when we work together and contribute our unique gifts.

As individuals obtain greater and greater levels of freedom and beingness, natural health results.

- Cellular Memory Release, Certification
- B.S. Home Economics, Bridgewater College,
Bridgewater, Virginia
- Pennsylvania Teaching Credential
- Reflexology
- Quantum Touch (R)
- Natures Stone Massage
- Reiki (Multiple Styles
- Lomi Lomi - Hawai'ian Sacred Temple Bodywork
- Alignment Technique
- CranioSacral - Somato Emotional Release - Upledger Institute
- Massage Qualification