Ellen Springwind

Contact Information

Location: Sacramento, CA
Contact info: 916.944-3822     Email: espringwind@yahoo.com

Biography / Certifications

Ellen has guided adults and children in the creative process for over twenty years. Her emphasis has been on the therapeutic value of expressive arts and in leading families in Rites of Passage. She is a trained Waldorf teacher and co-facilitates "The Artist’s Way", a 12 week course in breaking through creative blocks. She also co-created and facilitates "The Guided Path to Womanhood" for adolescent girls and their mothers and assists families in Natural Death Care.

With a deep interest in spiritual science, communication skills, and inner transformative work, her studies and life experiences have led her to train as a Cellular Memory Release practitioner. It is through this work that her gifts as a healer and creative guide truly manifest. She creates a safe and empowering space for her clients, guiding them in a process of awareness that brings transformation, clarity, peace, and inner freedom. She is currently taking the Touch For Health training to further deepen her knowledge of the body-mind connection.

For appointments or information on workshops she can be reached at:
916.944-3822 or email: espringwind@yahoo.com