Gary Jacobsson

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Location: Manzanita, OR
Contact info: 503-368-8040     Email:

Biography / Certifications

Before 1996 I was living from the "victim of circumstance" perception.
Why Me? This was my favorite question to everyone and the universe.
In 1996, I had my first experience into becoming a conscious person. I discovered recovery. My journey has been quite a ride over the past 10 years. I have dedicated my life to conscious living in the NOW, meaning I take "self responsibility" for my life and the situations that arise.
There are many paths to self-awareness and I follow my inner guidance towards the ones that help me evolve in consciousness. My life's journey is to be of service by helping others raise their consciousness level by bringing awareness to the blocks that hold them back from living the fulfilled life they desire! I am passionate about working with teenagers. I have always been a highly sensitive and intuitive person. I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. I wish someone would have shown me a different way of dealing with my feelings when I was younger. I believe teenagers today if given the opportunity would be interested in finding a different way. I also like working with people recovering from addiction. Having spent 10 years in A.A. and Al-anon and still feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with myself and life, I am so grateful to have found a vehicle such a CMR that has really help me to uncover, discover, and discard thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that were no longer serving me. CMR took my recovery to a much deeper level.

- Certified Cellular Memory Release
- Certified Pain Body Release
- Certified Ayurvedic Specialist - Calif College of Ayurveda
- Certified Personal Chef (United States Personal Chef Assocation)
- Certified Inn Keeper (Professional of Innkeepers International)
- Certified Compassion in Action Counselor
- Artist Way
- S.O.M. Classes - Science of the Mind
- Sedona Method Technique