Jennifer Norstrom

Contact Information

Location: San Rafael, CA
Contact info: (415) 306-3113     Email:

Biography / Certifications

Jennifer Norstrom has been studying the pathways of holistic health and awakened consciousness for nearly fifteen years. After her first apprenticeship with a Chinese herbalist at the age of seventeen, Jennifer mentored in Shen Qi energy healing and shamanic soul retrieval before completing her Bachelor’s Degree in 1999. During that time, she investigated many roots of consciousness thru studies in Ayurvedic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jungian schools of thought. Her exploration led her to travel abroad to India, where she underwent an extensive purification process both mentally and physically.

"Out of everything I’ve done, CMR rocked my world. It brought so much insight and clarity to my life so quickly; I knew I had to study it. It has been nearly two years now since my first session, and my life is filled with tremendous courage–which I greatly attribute with this work. My intention is to bring that same courage to my clients–and give them the tools to keep that courage so that they may live happy, joy-filled lives. I look forward to bringing this powerful work to the Bay area and beyond."

Jennifer is available for private sessions in person or by phone.

- M.A. in Counseling psychology
- Cellular Memory Release
- Pain Body Release
- Deep Tissue/Trigger Point
- Thai massage
- Classical Ashtangha Yoga
- B.A. Holistic Health
- Reiki mastery
- Cranial sacral/Polarity
- Somatic Emotional Release