bryce matthews

Contact Information

Location: Nevada City, CA
Contact info: 530-265-4766     Email:

Biography / Certifications

I have a BA Economics from Stanford University and I was a student athlete in the sport of water polo. I pursued three business opportunities between 1997 and 2002 which warranted great success.

A major shift happened in my life in 1999 that shocked my consciousness. A year later, I developed chronic health conditions and I began to look for answers. When I found the Cellular Memory Release work, little did I know how much it would reveal all that was inside of me that was causing so many challenges in my life besides the physical conditions I initially sought to resolve. Since 2002, I have been developing a better understanding of myself, healing at all levels, and living my life from a more authentic, empowered place. Since 2005, I have been guiding others to do the same. My qualifications to serve in a professional, personal, and focused manner include my certifications/education below, references (available upon request), and most importantly, my own process.

Cellular Memory Release
Touch for Health Kinesiology
Pain-Body Release
Ancient Tibetan Energy Healing
Reconnective Healing
Ancient Thai Massage
Sufi Healing Workshops