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Our most recent retreat in BEAUTIFUL Akalki!


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Do you feel confused wondering what to do to improve your relationships?

Do you find it difficult to set boundaries and express yourself freely?

Do you wonder what you should do to increase your self worth?

Do you find yourself feeling stuck or insecure, and postponing important things in your life?

Would you like to grow emotionally so that you may help others?

Do you wonder why you cannot fully enjoy the things you have?

Would you like to feel more at peace with yourself and be able to touch the lives of others?

In this intensive retreat you will learn to:

  • HEAL THE PAST and live in the present with more joy and abundance
  • RECOVER YOUR VITAL ENERGY that came naturally and spontaneously in your youth
  • Transform the obstacles that limit JOY in your life
  • CHANGE the thoughts and attitudes that limit harmony in your relationships
  • Convert yourself into YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND and to be open to receiving love from others
  • Cancel the emotional barriers that impede you to RELATE EFFECTIVELY
  • Develop the ability to MAINTAIN PEACE and HARMONY in your daily life
  • Learn CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION that is conducive to harmonious relationships
  • RESOLVE RELATIONSHIP CONFLICTS in an effective and sustainable manner
  • MAKE DEALS that are clear, supportive and share mutual benefits
  • SHARE openly with the rest, feeling trust and freedom

This intensive 1 week program includes:

  • 6 days of intensive inner work doing experimental exercises, guided by Luis Diaz, CMR-Cellular Memory Release instructor
  • Exercises and printed worksheets
  • Optional access to the Written Forum (exclusively on the web), where you can connect daily and share your experiences with other participants of the retreat

Luis will be your guide during this transformational week!

And, you get to stay in Akalki for special, pre-arranged price!

  • A paradise of natural beauty, situated on the seven color lagoon in Bacalar in the Mayan riviera of Mexico. Akalki is very close to the ancient cities of Dzibanche and Kohunlich (jewels of Mayan history). In this beautiful place, you'll be able to enjoy the natural splendor in the shade of the palm trees, swim in the turquoise waters of the 50 miles lake or walking through the all embracing jungle.
  • AKALKI offers exclusive cabins, boutique-style, decorated with locals artistry and palapa straw roofs. Each participant chooses their location, with views to or lake access; depending on their preference and availability.
  • The special retreat price includes room and board.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to click here and Contact Us.

Get to know this ASTONISHINGLY BEAUTIFUL and ECO-FRIENDLY location! Watch the video below...

Who is your instructor?

"We are very effective as drivers of change in people. Our passion is to help you access the full potential that a human being is capable of achieving and being. We love working with those wishing to contribute to the transformation of others and the world, but for different reasons, are not doing as they would like. Despite being committed and determined to do this, they recognize that they need the guidance and support of someone who has the experience in manifesting the purpose-full life and enjoyment they crave."

Luis Angel Díaz

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