These sessions are a unique opportunity to spend time with the creator and founder of CMR-Cellular Memory Release and the PBR- Pain Body Release processes. Due to his teaching and writing activities, Luis Diaz is currently working with a limited number of individuals for one-on-one sessions by telephone or in person. During these sessions, he will guide you to connect deeply with your body and yourself. That will expose the cellular memory programming, the belief patterns and the self-image you still cling to, that prevents you from healing and realizing the truth about yourself. In those inner places, you will find the main obstacles that prevent you from accessing your unlimited potential for peace, freedom and joy in the present moment.

In these comprehensive and confidential sessions you will access three main levels:

Here you will heal what happened in your past that is and has been conditioning your life in the present. This level of intervention is designed to teach you how to deactivate old structures that cause conflict and suffering.

Your past includes experiences that you have had in your childhood, inside the womb and even before conception time. It also includes the trans-generational conditioning received from your ancestors with their talents and deficiencies. After releasing those patterns, you will be able to leave your story behind.

While being proactive in transforming the old patterns, you will learn how to develop and grow in the state of conscious awareness. You will have the opportunity to transform issues related to the areas of inner growth, health and wellbeing, vocation and profession. We also want to highlight the area of relationships, intimacy and sexuality, since there is so much suffering and confusion about it.

At this level of intervention, you learn how to maintain the changes made. Conscious changes empower you and strengthens your inner guidance. Therefore they affect the way you make decisions in the present that will define your future. Our future gets transformed in the present moment, when you wake up to the thought patterns and beliefs that have been conditioning you for life.

Thought patterns generate assumptions, beliefs, decisions, expectations, interpretations and judgments. During the CMR sessions, you will have the opportunity to release those patterns and learn a compressive process to liberate yourself from your personal and social conditioning that will lead to a life of authenticity and freedom.

The state of presence is summoned and re-visited through the whole CMR process to deepen and maintain the state of conscious awareness. As you become used to living and being in that state of conscious awareness, the possibilities to live a more authentic, compassionate and joyful life increase.


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