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The following are the important details of each of our products/courses available for commissions. Please review each program so you know exactly what to expect from the products offered, including commission structures, ending dates and other vital properties of each promotion.

This is a 9-week online course that teaches the fundamentals of Cellular Memory Release to any individual who wants to learn the vital tools for Emotional healing and Well-Being. To learn about the details of the course, click here to visit the product details landing page. Only the online version of this course is available for commissions. The "in-person" version is not available for commission, and is only offered locally to participants who want to incur the expenses to participate. Here are the details you need to know as an affiliate for the online version:

  • COMMISSION Tier 1 (you refer a sale): 15%
  • COMMISSION Tier 2 (you refer an affiliate who refers a sale): 0%
  • BEGINNING DATE / ENDING DATE: N/A. This is a "year round" continuous promotion.
  • RETAIL PRICE: $297
  • COUPONS (SCHOLARSHIPS): $100 off for those who qualify. Commissions will be based on the lesser amount.
  • PAYMENT TERMS: (A) PAID IN FULL ($297) or (B) TWO PAYMENTS OF $157 - Commissions are earned when each installment payment is received.
  • REFUND POLICY: 30 day money back guarantee. See our Refund policy for how and if this affects commissions earned.


Check out all the current affiliate programs that correspond to FREE webinars that Luis offers each month. This is a great way to promote this wonderful work for free to your lists and social networks without having to sell a thing! If one of your referrals purchases any one of our products/courses available for commission, you will earn that commission % listed above!

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